​​​Extraordinary uniform RF profile for all imaging applications

  • Concentrate RF only in the desired area – better SNR

  • Better filling factor – high SNR, low SAR

  • Artifact free profile – no editing required

  • Open access with deep RF penetration

  • Easy to operate with minimal system requirements

  • Excellent imaging quality at very low cost

Helmet Coils -- Hundred-Element Surface Coils

  • High RF homogeneity

  • Quadrature drive – high SNR, low SAR

  • Better filling factor – better SNR

  • Range of IDs 5 mm – 40 mm and higher

  • Wide range of frequencies 3 T – 16.4 T

Helmet Coil RF profile
​Millipede coil
Saddle Coil

Millipede Coils -- Hundred-Element Birdcage Coils

Conventional Surface coil rf Profile
​Birdcage coil

Evolutionary RF profile optimized for rodent brain imaging​