ExtendMR LLC

Kari Autio​
Kari has worked in NMR/MRI field for over 37 years. He has extensive experience in supporting MRI customers in site planning, project management, pre system installation planning, system installs as well as post installation support. 
Kari worked at Agilent Technologies as Global Site Planning and Installation Manager for MR systems. Prior to Agilent, Kari worked at Varian Associates, SISCO and Varian Inc. for 34 years as a senior customer support engineer 

Kari started to associate with ExtendMR in 2014. He will provide system  support to current and former Agilent/Varian MRI users.

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our Mission

To provide cutting-edge technology to the research MRI community whose efforts are vital to improving the global human condition.

Ernest WH Wong, Ph.D

Ernest has over 20 years of experience in RF coil design and manufacturing. He is the inventor of the well-known "Millipede" coils and the author of the review article "Millipede coils" in the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance.   Before founding ExtendMR, Ernest worked at Agilent Technologies Inc. as an expert R&D researcher who received the 2011 GIGRP award from the CTO office. Prior to Agilent, Ernest spent 14 years at Varian, where he designed and built over 500 custom-made RF coils. Ernest is also a member of ISMRM and the inventor of 20 US patents.

Our ASsociates

Recently founded in 2014, ExtendMR is located at the heart of Silicon Valley in California, USA. We are committed to servicing Millipede coils and other preclinical RF coils for existing Agilent/Varian RF coils users. We also design and build custom-made high quality RF coils for your special needs.

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