December 12, 2016        Season Greeting 2016 from ExtendMR LLC
Dear Customers and Friends,

ExtendMR LLC has entered its third year of operation. We would like to thank you for all of your encouragement and support. We have served customers from nine different countries and shipped over twenty new coils to our customers globally. We are very pleased with these results and look forward to continuing our success in the upcoming year.

In the past year, we had a successful trade show at ISMRM 2016 Singapore. We also designed and custom-built several dual-tuned volume coils and surface coils for our customers. Furthermore, we successfully installed a new ExtendMR coil into a Bruker’s system this fall. These milestones are important steps to better enable us to continue serving you in the future.

ExtendMR LLC will continue to provide the excellent Millipede coils and Helmet coils to the research MRI community. We shall also participate the ISMRM 2017 exhibition at Honolulu. More details will be announced later.

Finally, we would like to wish you happy holidays and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

​​January 13, 2015 ​    Happy New Year from ExtendMR LLC

ExtendMR​ is celebrating its 2015 New Year by successfully delivering several custom-made coils, including two to overseas customers. ExtendMR will continue its efforts to serve the research MRI community in the coming year and will appear at the ISMRM 2015 exhibition in Toronto. More details will be announced later.

In 2014, ExtendMR pushed the Millipede technology front by successfully developing the Helmet coil optimized for rodent brain imaging. Several custom-made housings were designed to match with different animal beds provided by customers. One of the coil housing is shown in the picture below. Excellent imaging performance can be achieved with this advanced technology and the cost to own it can be as low as $5,000.

If you are interested or would like to obtain more information or a quotation, please contact us at

August 26, 2014     ExtendMR LLC Delivers Its First Custom-Made Rat Head Coil

ExtendMR LLC successfully delivered its first custom-made rat head coil in early August. This marked an important milestone of our recently founded RF coil company whose mission is to provide cutting-edge technology to the research MRI community.

The custom-made 400 MHz rat head coil was designed with a 40 mm inner diameter. The RF coil was located less than 1 mm away from the sample in order to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio. The flange at the patient end had a cone shaped design and was offset by 30 mm in order to accommodate the rat's shoulders while the rat head was placed in the middle of the coil. The RF coil was quadrature driven and included independent tuning and matching adjustments for both quadrature channels.

If you are interested in a similar rat head coil or other custom-made RF coils, please contact us at We also service existing Agilent/Varian RF coils.

ExtendMR LLC​