Whole mouse body image with 40 micrometer resolution obtained with a high homogeneity Millipede probe. The dimension of the probe is about 3 cm in diameter and 11 cm long.

Mouse Imaging Center (MICe), Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

Localized spectroscopy with water suppression      1H image of a grape, the green box marks the area for localized spectroscopy

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​We build RF coils that support localized spectroscopy with water suppression

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RF homogeneity and sensitivity comparison

Ernest WH Wong, S.Sukumar, Weston Anderson and Seiji Unno, ENC, 2001

Localized spectroscopy with water suppression of a grape

Ernest WH Wong and S. Sukumar, ISMRM, 2000

We understand that your individual projects are unique, so we build custom RF coils to meet your specific needs.

We build RF coils with the best RF homogeneity and sensitivity   

Agilent/Varian RF coil service and supporT

RF Coil upgrade options for Agilent/Varian MRI systemS

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We specialize in repair and service for the following RF coils:

  • Millipede Coil
  • Tx/Rx Birdcage Coil
  • Actively-Detuned Birdcage Coil
  • Actively-Detuned Surface Coil
  • Double-Tuned Surface Coil
  • and others

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